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My life so far

So where to begin a blog or for that matter what is a blog and its posting for? I would like to use this as a life experience blog and see where that leads to.  I was born in upstate New York to the parents of white heritage and to say that it is that they were both white father was of an olive skin he always said was the French from his father , while mom was of English and Dutch decent. It was by chance that they met in NYC around 1955, while mom was off visiting her sisters there in the city. Dads family was from the city and he was not familiar with his father at all in an orphanage from an early age as his mother was sickly. They were married and lived in New York not having a good job for a few years mom said dad would get a rabbit for supper once a week and they lived at her parents for a bit before dad joined the Air Force, where their life began, after a three year stint in there dad joined the Army and a couple years later I came about.